Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is MLD?

This is a specifically structured massage technique which moves congested lymphatic fluid to an uncongested area.

MLD was developed in France in the 1930's by Dr E Vodder consisting of various manipulation to stimulate the lymphatic drainage action in the body.

MLD is used to remove toxins, bacteria and virus waste from the body. It address blocks in lymphatic system which causes congestion and peripheral oedema. Fluid is moved to a non congested area where it can be processed and drained more effectively.

 The benefits of this treatment can be:

  • Relief from tired aching legs.
  • Relief from swollen ankles.
  • Reduction in Oedemas (swelling) and lymphoedema of various origins.
  • Stimulation of the Immune system.
  • Relief from the symptoms of nasal congestions.
  • Long term management techniques for relief of symptoms relating to lymphoedema.

 At Nunn so special as you we offer this treatment which includes full assessment of previous medical history, MLD treatment, assessment for suitability of compression garments and self management techniques.

 For further information please contact me at Nunn So Special As You.

 Pricing and Duration

Initial Consultation and Treatment - 1hr + 15 minutes - £55

Follow-up Treatment - 1hr - £45