Removal of hair through waxing reduces the need for shaving or using depilatory creams as the hair is taken from the lower level of skin and doesn't grow back as quickly.

Hair needs to be at least 1cm long to achieve best results from the treatment.


Full Leg£15
Full Leg and bikini £20
1/2 Leg£12
1/2 Leg and bikini£15
Lip or Chin£6
Lip and Chin£8
Under Arm£12


Redness and discomfort can be felt following treatment. To avoid further issues it is best to avoid the following:

Hot Bath/Sauna/Hot Tub/Steam Room


Exertion causing sweat

Swimming in chlorinated pool

Scratching the area

Application of powders, make up or products to the area

If redness or discomfort is present you can apply an antiseptic cream to the red area for 3-5 days. Exfoliation of the skin for a week following treatment will minimes the risk of ingrowning hairs. Do not pick an ingrown hair as this can lead to infection.